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Talent Management 

Talent management is a multi-faceted initiative that includes best practices for recruiting, retaining and promoting the right people. Its employee-oriented programs have become particularly important because of emerging demographic and economic issues in the US and around the world. For example:

Baby boomers are retiring and taking their wisdom and institutional memory with them.

The next generation is only 75% the size of the boomer population. A shortage of  highly-skilled individuals is already affecting recruiting and productivity.

Generation X and Y want the opportunity to make a contribution, participate in ongoing training and lead balanced lives. Loyalty to their employer is not a key value for them.

Workforce diversity is a critical issue. Women, minorities and employees in other countries require an open-minded culture that fosters inclusiveness.

Record numbers of managers and employees are leaving their organizations to become entrepreneurs.

Mergers, acquisitions, downsizing, outsourcing, reorganizations and other transitions often negatively impact productivity and morale.

Recruiting and retention costs are increasing as employees become more difficult to find and keep.

Career Dimensions has developed a variety of programs for profit and nonprofit organizations, small businesses, government and academic institutions that foster job satisfaction and productivity, reduce turnover, improve profitability and create a “best to work for” reputation. Companies who use these programs recognize their employees as their most valuable assets, not as expendable costs.


Individual Career Development

Uses the Career Success Process and Myers Briggs Type Indicator  to help employees:

Assess their functional and specialized skills, personality traits and values

Identify a career path through online and person-to-person research within their organization

Write resumes and cover letters tailored for internal openings and company specifications

Develop effective techniques to interview for promotions and transfers

Communicate with individuals who are in a position to help achieve his or her goals.

Career Dimensions contracts with the sponsoring organization to consult with individuals at their workplace or our office. Fees are $250 per hour or a customized program rate based on the number of employees or sessions.

There are workshop formats available at $495 per person per day, including materials. Our certified staff can offer a combination of workshop and individual counseling tailored to your company's needs.


Executive Coaching (click for more)

Uses the Workspace process and Myers Briggs Type Indicator to improve a professional’s satisfaction and success by:

Providing a sounding board for strategic visioning, effective communication with groups and individuals, goals and action plans, process improvement, etc.

Maximizing their use of motivated skills

Increasing competencies in areas needing improved performance

Grooming high-performing professionals for greater authority and responsibility

Matching an individual’s best skills with a position that requires them

Creating an employee development plan that focuses on skills versus core competencies, contribution to the organization and specific goals and plans for improvement/growth

Brainstorming approaches for focusing on and balancing individual and  organizational priorities

Career Dimensions contracts with the sponsoring organization to coach targeted individuals at their workplace or our office. Fees are $250 per hour or a customized program rate based on the number of employees or sessions. Coaches are credentialed and have many years experience working with professionals and executives in a wide variety of industries.


Masterminds, Peer Coaching Groups, Executives  (click for more)

These focus on the career development of high performance employees, women, minorities or other targeted groups. Each Mastermind is unique because it sets its own mission, goals and agenda. However, some typical topics include:

Increasing revenue/profits and decreasing costs

Identifying and implementing best practices

Solving problems that impact sales or operations

Enhancing communications with management, peers, employees and clients

Improving processes or systems

Soliciting focus-group feedback and opinion leader buy-in on important corporate initiatives

Building camaraderie and trust

Recruiting, retaining, mentoring and promoting employees

Motivating employees in tough times

Developing effective strategies for managing diversity.

To create and facilitate a successful Mastermind, we determine its mission and format with our client’s input. We also collaborate with them  to select the right combination the members and set the first meeting agenda, time and place.

After the first meeting, Career Dimensions will:

Develop future agendas for meetings and conference calls based upon member suggestions

Inform participants of the meeting/call dates, locations and agenda topics

Facilitate all meetings to ensure the group addresses its entire agenda and the sponsor and participants get the maximum value from the experience

Communicate with members between meetings

The sponsoring organization will:

Coordinate the logistics including meeting venue, meals and travel arrangements

Take and transcribe the meeting minutes

Encourage attendance

Pay Career Dimensions' fees and travel expenses, as well as the costs for the meeting.

Our consultation fees are $250 per hour. Facilitation fees are $3,000 per day or $1,500 per one-half day, plus travel expenses.

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