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Masterminds Sponsored
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The Mastermind Process:

Each Mastermind is unique because it sets its own mission, goals and agenda. However, some typical topics include:

– Increasing revenue/profits and decreased costs

– Identifying and implementing best practices

– Solving problems that impact multiple operations

– Enhancing communications among departments or between the corporate office and the field

– Improving processes or systems

– Soliciting focus-group feedback and opinion leader buy-in on important corporate initiatives

– Building camaraderie and trust

– Recruiting, retaining, mentoring and promoting employees

– Marketing products and services

– Motivating employees in tough times

– Developing an employee-friendly workplace

– Downsizing, combining divisions and restructuring

The length and frequency of meetings is dependant upon the scope of the group. Masterminds often meet monthly or quarterly.


To get started with Career Dimensions:

To setup an appointment to discuss starting a Mastermind group, please contact us.

Facilitation fees are $3,000 per day or $1,500 per one-half day

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