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Executive Coaching  for Individuals


Career Dimensions offers our proven Workspace Process and the Myers Briggs Type Indicator on an individual basis for:

Refining a job description to take advantage of skills, interests and personality traits

Communicating professional successes and goals to management

Asking for positive and negative feedback to maximize performance

Determining development plans which require training, mentoring and internal networking

Identifying and pursuing a more satisfying career path

Writing resumes that facilitate transfers and promotions

Interviewing with potential managers to ensure a mutually beneficial match in a new position

Meshing career goals with an organization's bottom and long-term strategies


To get started with Career Dimensions:

A get acquainted appointment lasts about 1.5 hours and is $100. During this session, Career Dimensions and the client discuss career issues, approaches for resolving them, and fees. Subsequent one-hour coaching appointments are $195.

To setup an appointment, please contact us.


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