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Executive Coaching for Individuals Sponsored by an Employer 


Career Dimensions offers our proven Workspace Process and the Myers Briggs Type Indicator to maximize the employee's performance by:

– Providing a sounding board for strategic visioning, effective communication with groups and individuals, goals and action plans, process improvement, etc.

– Maximizing their use of motivated skills

– Increasing competencies in areas needing improved performance

– Grooming high-performing professionals for greater authority and responsibility

– Matching an individual’s best skills with a position that requires them

– Creating an employee development plan that focuses on skills versus core competencies, contribution to the organization and specific goals and plans for improvement/growth

– Brainstorming approaches for focusing on and balancing individual and organizational priorities


To get started with Career Dimensions:

Career Dimensions contracts with the sponsoring organization to coach targeted individuals at their workplace or our office. Fees are $250 per hour or a customized program rate based on the number of employees or sessions. Coaches are credentialed and have many years experience working with professionals and executives in a wide variety of industries.

To setup an appointment, please contact us.

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