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Assessment Tools


Career Dimensions uses several assessment tools to assist in the evaluation of each client's skills, interests, personality traits, values, working conditions and leadership learning and communication styles.

Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)

After more than 50 years, the MBTI instrument continues to be the most trusted and widely used assessment in the world for understanding individual differences and uncovering new ways to work and interact with others. This instrument is based upon Carl Jung's eight personality types and how they combine to form a variety of approaches for communicating and decision making. Your MBTI has a tremendous influence on the careers, people and cultures that will be compatible with your strengths and preferences.

Career Dimensions uses the MBTI in many of our programs:

Career Change - Identify the skills, decision making style and environment that are part of an ideal job description. Explain how your communication type will mesh or conflict with others.

Job Search - Focus on the communication style as an important component of a successful interview. Learn how to adapt your style to your interviewer's. Ask questions to determine if your Myers Briggs type is a good fit for the organizational culture.

Life Planning - Use your Myers Briggs Type to find friends and activities that are compatible with who you are. Understand why you and certain people just don't get along. Improve your relationships by adapting your type to theirs.

Executive Coaching - Understand how your communication and decision making type affect your relationships with management, peers and subordinates. Learn how to ask for what you want by matching your style to the persons you must influence. Design a career path that will take greatest advantage of your inherent type.

Small Business Coaching - Recognize how your type may move your business forward and/or create obstacles to your success. Learn to recognize your customers' and employees' types and how adapting your communication style to theirs will improve your relationships and your bottom line.

Outplacement - Focus on the communication style as an important component of a successful interview. Learn how to adapt your style to your interviewer's. Ask questions to determine if your Myers Briggs type is a good fit for the organizational culture.

College Major Selection - Find out your Myers Briggs Type and the careers most likely to use it.

Strong Interest Inventory

The Strong Interest Inventory is a well researched and extensively validated career measure for assisting you in choosing a career that will engage and challenge you. Based on research done with workers satisfied with their jobs, this assessment breaks down hundreds of careers into a combination of six occupational themes, then matches your unique interest profile with the careers that best suit for you. You'll benefit from the career experience of workers who are similar to you, and be guided toward the careers where you're likely to succeed. Strong Interest Inventory Reports provide specific, detailed suggestions of career families and jobs that are a good match for your interests, and are an excellent tool for facilitating your career exploration.

Career Dimensions uses this instrument in our College Major Selection Program.


Eureka Skills Assessment

The Micro Skills Inventory - helps you choose and prioritize your innate skills online and provides a list of careers that use them

Occ-U-Sort - identifies your work preferences and the careers that match them

True Colors - defines your personality type, uncovers your talents, and finds the careers best suited for you

The College and University Database - contains 2800 schools which can be sorted by admission requirements, majors, entrance statistics, diversity, enrollment, location, etc.

Program of Study Database - includes information on academic programs such as admission requirements, typical course work, available degrees, vocational training, and others

Financial Aid Database - can filter over 6000 financial awards and scholarships to fit your characteristics, needs and situation

Jobs Database - provides extensive information on thousands of careers, listings of occupations in every industry and the training necessary for each

Career Dimensions uses this interactive website in our College Major Selection Program.


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