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Articles About Networking


The Two Minute Commercial

Are you familiar with the term: the two-minute commercial? If you've been doing a lot of networking lately, you probably are. In our get-to-the-point American culture, cultivating contacts requires a quick-and-dirty self-introduction to tell fellow networkers about who you are and what you want ASAP. If you combine this with Americans' compelling need to define each other according to our careers, it's only natural that a job search contact's first question is likely to be, "So, exactly what do you want to do?"


Networking and Finding a Mentor

While doing a good job will always be important, making and maintaining contacts is your real key to success. If you haven't experienced the benefits mentoring and networking can offer you, it's time you give them a try. When you are willing to connect with colleagues both inside your company and beyond, your new alliances can generate a variety of advantages from broadening your opportunities to increasing your job security.


Networking Long Distance

Fortunately, while a long distance job search is more difficult than a local one, many of the techniques that work well in your neighborhood will also be equally effective thousands of miles away. Let's take a look at some of the things you can do to find information about an area's life style, economy, companies, contacts and opportunities even before you move there.


Becoming a Nominee for Networker of the Year

Job seekers who, at first contact, seem to be ignorant boors are often potentially great employees who simply lack collaborative networking techniques. However, with a little forethought and some targeted research, they can turn themselves into candidates almost anyone would be happy to help.


Is Networking Dead?

Here are the pros, the cons and some networking tips.


Networking Tips

Two successful job seekers have distilled their knowledge of networking into seven key points.


College Student: How do I get Corporations to Notice Me?

"Now that I'm finishing my senior year in college, it's time to think seriously about my career. The Career Center at my university places at lot of students in their first jobs. That's good news and bad news. I'm glad there are many companies recruiting at my school, but I'm concerned I will fade into the crowd competing for the same openings. How can I get noticed when I have very little work experience and a degree in history?"


Networking without a Referral

I want to contact the VP of Marketing of a fast-growing high tech company in my area. I have never met the guy, and I don't know anyone who can introduce us. How can I interest him in a networking appointment?


Networking: A two-way Street

I hate networking. Going to crowded meetings where I donít know anyone, telling people I want a job and seeing them cringe, burdening my friends with my unemployment woes and cold calling are all activities I find repugnant. Yet, I know I have to do it, even though itís getting me nowhere. Obviously, I need help.

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