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Articles About Negotiating


How do you Accept A Second Job Offer After You've Already Said "Yes" to the first?

For the last four months you've been riding a job-search roller coaster of euphoric activity and disappointing dry spells. Suddenly, your hard work is paying off. You've received a great offer, accepted it and are getting ready to start work next Monday. Suddenly the dark-horse opportunity that galloped out of your life two months ago has trotted back in with the offer of your dreams. Now what do you do?


Negotiating Your Compensation Package

Whatever you do, don't offer or agree to a compensation package you honestly don't want. It's better to walk away than start a position with a chip on your shoulder.


Counteroffers: Are They Benefit or Detriment?

Have you ever been approached by your current company with a counteroffer to keep you from jumping ship? What did you do?  Take the money and be glad to get it?  Wonder why you had to "leave" to generate some financial appreciation?

  Counteroffers Part II: Should You Trust One from a Potential Employer?



Getting the Upper Hand in Salary Discussions

"When discussing salary during a job interview, how do I avoid giving a specific dollar amount before my potential employer does? I don't want to seem difficult, but I don't want to lock myself into a lower salary range than the company had intended."


When To Accept a Job Offer

"How do I decide whether to accept a job offer or continue in my job search? What hints do you have for deciding?"


Negotiating 101

All of us must be prepared to negotiate for what we want. Here are some tips for negotiating effectively throughout your career:


Negotiating before You Accept an Offer

I just got the job offer of my dreams, except for one thing. The compensation seems very low in view of the position's responsibilities and my prior experience. I would like to ask for a better compensation package, but I'm afraid I will lose the job or start off on the wrong foot with my new employer. Should I take the offer as is or ask for what I want?


Test your Negotiating IQ

A quick quiz that will test your savvy on how to get what you want on the job.

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