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Articles About Job Seeking

  Job Search Myths

Our culture has perpetuated a number of job search myths, which may be true in isolated cases, but generally don't apply to the majority of job market candidates and employers. Unfortunately, these "old professionals' tales" are insidious untruths which can easily become self-fulfilling prophecies, if you let them.

  Perception VS. Reality

Have you and a friend, colleague or spouse sometimes viewed the same situation from very different perspectives? Have you ever left an interview sure you'd receive a job offer only to never hear from the interviewer again? Neither of these instances should be too surprising. Any time people get together, there is tremendous potential for misinterpretation and miscommunication because each of us has different experiences and attitudes that affect our understanding of reality. Unfortunately, this can be particularly true in a job search situation.

  The Five Most Common Job Search Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

What are the classic blunders even savvy professionals often make when looking for a new position, what are their consequences, and how can you avoid falling into their collective trap?

  Using References to Help You Land a Job

When job seekers talk about references, they generally have lots of opinions, but few convictions. Everyone agrees that references play a role in landing a position, but hardly anyone knows exactly what it is. If you are among the majority of professionals who just aren't sure what to do or not do about references, read on.

  How to Work With Executive Recruiters

"I'm looking for a new job and want to make the most effective use of executive recruiters. Should I call them, send my resume to selected ones and follow up, buy a disk with their addresses and do a major direct mail campaign or what? I don't see how they can help me, if they don't know I exist."

  How Do I Stay Motivated During My Job Search?

"A recent layoff put me in a job search mode again. The last time I looked for a new position, it was really hard to maintain my motivation. Do you have any tips on what I can do to stay positive and productive?"

  Gather Information Before You Start Hunting

Information interviews are critical to finding the right job. They are mutually beneficial. The job seeker gets the background he needs and the employer feels good about her role in helping someone make a critical life decision.

  Defeating Job Search Blues

"When I first started looking for a job, I had energy and confidence.  Then depression seeped in as time went by.  How do I get through the rough times without letting them get to me? How do I keep protect my ego when rejections pile up?"

  Focus on Your Goals to Boost Job Search Prospects

Even the best credentials can be overlooked if employers don't know how you would fit in.

  Why Letters and Resumes Won't Land You a Job

"I'm searching for a more rewarding position. I've tried many tactics, including sending three different resumes and a sales letter. The resumes haven't been very productive, but the sales letter has produced several interviews and many calls. How should I proceed?"

  Why Taking a Lesser Job Can Harm Your Career

Working in a position you're completely overqualified for can erode your self-esteem and complicate your job search.


Managing Your Time During a Job Search:

The infamous "pink slip" arrived on your desk two weeks ago. On Friday, your last day, you picked up your mug and eight years worth of mementos. Now it's Monday, and you've got nowhere to go and nothing to do. You know there is a position somewhere; the question is how to find it.

  How to Overcome Job Search Paralysis

"After 15 years as a geologist with a major oil company, I've been terminated. Two months after my final day on the job, I still can't believe I'm unemployed. This kind of thing happens to other people, not me. Why an I stuck in this paralyzed state? How can I push myself to get on with the job search I am guiltily avoiding?"

  A Stalled Search Can Be Pegged to Attitude

If you view potential employers as people who "hire the village idiot," they may sense your negativity even though you don't think it shows. Negativity is easily spotted by perceptive recruiters.

  Reimbursing Expenses

I received a letter from the company's personnel manager requesting that I call him to schedule an· interview trip to the corporate office in L.A. There was no mention of travel arrangements from my home In Dallas or reimbursement in the communiqué. How do I find out if he plans to pay for my trip? When is the best time to ask? If he offers me the job, what is the best way to ascertain if the firm will cover my moving expenses?

  Information Interviews

I've read some articles recently that say information interviewing is a worn out tool; that people don't have the time or inclination to do it anymore. In an informal poll of my friends, most agree they wouldn't want to be bothered by some stranger asking lots of questions about their jobs.

  Managing Your Time During a Job Search

Starting and maintaining job search momentum takes initiative and persistence. Whether you're searching full-time or trying to juggle a campaign between work and the kids' softball games, you'll have to get organized. Contemplating a job search can produce waves of anxiety, even dread. Once you plan it and get started, though, the process becomes more manageable-it can even be enlightening and fun

  Responding to Ads

I understand that the self-initiated job search is the most effective means of finding employment. However, how much time and effort should be devoted to responding to classified advertising? What's the best way to respond to ads? Is it better to omit a resume even though it's requested? What's the best way to discuss salary history?

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