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Articles About Interviews



Interviewing is an issue fraught with myth, controversy and sweaty palms. There are a myriad of books and articles on the subject, many of which conflict with one another. One expert will tell you to be yourself while another will intone with a flourish, "Job search is theater!" This article contains a short quiz on some major issues involved in interviewing.


Five Common Interview Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Up to this point, you've conducted a flawless job search. You've developed lots of networking contacts, tailored every cover letter and resume to individual employer needs, and sent your two best suits to the cleaners regularly. Now you are ready to begin scheduling your initial group of employment interviews


Five More  Common Interview Mistakes

When you are in an interviewing mode, stop for a moment, and think about the uncanny parallel between choosing the right job and finding a great marriage partner. If you make a good match, you will live with your spouse and your colleagues for years motivating and mentoring each other, pursuing common goals, celebrating successes, and sharing failures.


Eating Your Way Through An Interview

As the social lubricant that greases the wheels of commerce, meals often provide the venue for determining whether we get the job or the contract, or not. Consequently, whether we enthusiastically or reluctantly embrace the agenda behind the power lunch, we need to accept it, if we plan to be players in the economic game.


Questions to Ask Interviewers

"I have several important interviews coming up, and I want to be fully prepared. I'm pretty confident about how to answer interviewers' questions, but I am not sure what I need to be asking them. Are there any questions you recommend using in a typical interview?"


Always Follow Up After an Interview

Now that you're pursuing your first professional position, you'll want to stand out from your fellow graduates. While researching companies, targeting resumes and preparing for an insightful interview are crucial to landing the right job, there's one more step you dare not neglect.


The "Hidden Agenda" Interview

"I recently went on an interview for a school paraprofessional position. The head of the school board asked me if I was a team player, and what I would do to become one?

I didn't know what to say because I didn't know exactly what he was referring to. Is it OK to be direct and ask for specifics? What happens when interviewers lead a person on in a guessing game of, 'Do I know what kind of school population I am dealing with?' In both these cases, is it all right to be direct and ask questions, point blank? Or, do I assume I know what they're talking about?"


Conquering Interview Jitters

"Next week I'm starting the interviewing process for my dream job. While I know I¹m qualified, I'm afraid I'll say or do something that will take me out of the running. How can I put my best foot forward when I¹m feeling so stressed?"


How to Respond to "Tell Me About Yourself"

"I have an important interview next week. So I won't be caught unprepared, I've been thinking about the questions my potential manager might ask me. One that has caused me great anxiety in the past is, 'Tell me about yourself.' I never know how to respond to this. It's so vague. What is an interviewer looking for when she says this?"


What do I say When I've Been Fired?

"I was fired from my last job. How do I handle this in a job interview?"

Interview to Stand Out From the Crowd

A savvy job seeker knows careful preparation is the key to a successful interview. Here are some important things to know as you get ready for your interview.

Down to the Wire

If you've made the first interview cut and have been asked to return to a potential employer for another look, congratulations are in order. However, you're still competing with one to ten people who are also capable of doing the job.

How to Prepare for an On-Site Job Interview

"Last week I answered an ad for a management position. Today, the plant manager's office called asking me to fly there for an interview in two weeks. While it feels good to get a quick reply on my resume, I'm concerned that I know little about the company and the job description. In the next two weeks, what can I do to prepare myself to ask the right questions and give the right answers?"

Eight Common Interview Myths

"I've been reading books on job search techniques and talking to my friends about the best way to approach and interview for a new position. Unfortunately, much of what I hear and read seems to conflict. Can you give me some concrete pointers on interviewing that I can be sure will work?"


Effective Interviews

Because job seekers and corporate recruiters have relatively little time to get to know each other before deciding whether to pursue a business relationship, erroneous perceptions often go unchallenged and self-fulfilling prophecies abound.


Interview Quiz

Below is a short quiz on some major issues involved in interviewing

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