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Articles About Entrepreneurship


Entrepreneurial Confessions: Things Business Owners Wish They'd Never Said

When I decided to write this article, I put together a list of common myths that get business owners into trouble and submitted them to a business owner mastermind group for evaluation. They chuckled knowingly over the ones I'd noted and added a few of their own.


The Case For Small Companies

People contemplating a move from a large to small company come in contact with a number of myths and truths about entrepreneurial firms. Most of the myths are perpetuated by stereotypes that are true in some cases, but rarely universal. Others sound suspiciously like sour grapes. While the truths aren't new, they have only recently been discovered by professionals smarting from corporate downsizing, mergers or politics.


Battling Loneliness as an Entrepreneur

"Ten months ago I started a consulting business and, so far, income and expenses are right on target. However, something completely unexpected has happened. I'm lonely. Aside from finding a partner, what else might I do to regain the sense of teamwork my corporate position used to provide?"


What to Consider Before Starting a Business

"I'm thinking about starting a business that will use my 20 years of general management experience in the computer software industry. Right now, I'm a budding entrepreneur with lots of ideas, but no focus. How do I decide what my business should be?"


Common Traits of Most Admired Companies

Fortune focused on the “World’s Most Admired Companies” based upon a survey of 4,100 executives, directors and analysts. While I’m always curious about who those businesses are, I’m more interested in what they have in common.


Play it Safe or Take a Risk on a Second Business

Recently, a new opportunity has arisen that, in the short term, will cost me a lot of time and money, but has tremendous long term potential.  I'm torn between playing it safe and risking what I already have to build something more.  Any suggestions?


Targeting Your Business’ Product or Service to Market Needs

Other than my own ideas and inclinations, what external resources can I use to determine my new business’ products or services?

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