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Articles About Diversity



"Having a mentor is your single most important key to success," according to Mary Sias, C.E.O. of the YWCA of Metropolitan Dallas. Yet many people don't know they need one let alone how to find one and build a relationship. Regardless of the sex or ethnicity of your mentor, there are some important attributes you should look for in selecting a good one.


Resume Tips for Minority Job Seekers

Should minority resumes be any different from those of Anglo job seekers? "That's a silly question. Of course not." says Warren Osby, a Placement Specialist with Career Information and Placement Services at Richland College. "Experience, the most important component of your resume, isn't black, white or brown. It has no face."


Success Tips for Minority Professionals (and Everyone Else For That Matter)

In a corporate world still largely controlled by Anglo men, women and minorities often feel stymied and unappreciated. Unfortunately, most women and minorities are not privy to the "old boy" network that many Anglo men take for granted. Yet, there are some stellar performers within these disadvantaged groups who achieve tremendous success and approbation through their hard work and understanding of how to nurture important relationships.


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