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Articles About Career Success

Ten Habits of Happy, Successful People

Seven Habits of Highly Effective People was a best seller for an incredibly long time given its relatively simple advice. Yet, simplicity has an elegance and logic that far surpasses complicated jargon. Even though most readers have probably already heard of the seven habits, putting them on paper enhances their credibility and charges them with a spark of genius.

With this observation in mind, I offer you Besson's Ten Habits of Happy, Successful People.


16 Ways to Reignite Your Career without Leaving Your Company

If you are feeling stymied, should you assume your career is doomed unless you move to another organization? Not necessarily. Before you decide to forego your juicy benefit package and the credibility you've developed with your colleagues, give some of the these suggestions a try.


Assessment: Career Checkup

Ask yourself these four questions about your career once a year.

Show Me the Money!

The economy is booming. The job market is tight. The unemployment rate is the lowest in years. Your company is setting record profits. Yet, all this prosperity is passing you by. It seems everyone is reaping the benefits of an unprecedented business cycle but you.

What Do I Do When I am Bored With My Job?

"I'm a bored in mid level management with no chance for advancement in the foreseeable future. Some people, like my parents and unemployed friends, say I should feel lucky I have a job, given the current economy.

"I'm not married to this firm, but I think my situation is a lot more positive than many of my friends'. Short of leaving the company, what can I do to ignite my enthusiasm and start feeling productive again?"

Should I Be Willing to Take a Step Down in My Career?

Taking a step down. Now there's a term loaded with angst for most job seekers. Very few people want to be less successful in the future than they've been in the past, whatever their definition of success. Yet, if you ask a number of unemployed individuals what "stepping down" means to them, you will likely get a myriad of responses. What does stepping down imply to you, and can a step down also be a step up?

Are You Suffering From "Comfortable Misery"?

Could you be suffering from a self-inflicted malady called Comfortable Misery, a career syndrome characterized by inertia thinking and an overwhelming need to maintain the status quo? Victims of Comfortable Misery run efficiently on autopilot. They go through the motions of completing their projects and emptying their in-baskets, while experiencing little joy, learning or feeling of genuine satisfaction. They are zombies in business suits.

12 Ways to Keep a Great Corporate Culture

Whether you are a job seeker or an employed manager, organizational culture is important to you. If you are looking for a new opportunity, you'll want to find a company whose mission and values mesh with your own. If part of your responsibility is nurturing and reinforcing a supportive environment for your employees, you need to know what the key considerations are for developing and maintaining a great place to work.

Silence Isn't Golden

"Iím about to start a new position that took me a long time to find. I want to get off to a great start and develop a long-term career with my next employer. Based upon past experience, it seems doing a good job isnít enough. What am I missing?."

Age Discrimination Isn't Always To Blame

After responding to many want ads without any response from potential employers, do you think age discrimination may be the problem?

What Can You Do When Your Boss is Unresponsive?

"For the past three years, I've worked with a manager who is a brilliant technician with no people skills. As it's unlikely my boss will change, how can I find a manager who will be more accessible when I need him and give me feedback on my performance?"


Steps to Improve On-the-Job Recognition

"In my current position I've worked hard by haven't achieved the promotion and recognition I deserve. Can this situation be salvaged, or do I need to find another company and start fresh?"

Your Personal Think Tank

Making major career decisions can be a lonely, solitary task. Learn how you can create your own council of key advisors through a so-called "mastermind group".

Match Your Boss's Communication Style

"I have difficulty communicating with my manager. We often lose critical opportunities because of his failure to act quickly, and scheduling time with him is difficult. I like my boss as a person, and I enjoy my job and its position within the company. How can I communicate more effectively with my manager?"

  Building Rapport in a New Job

"I have recently been recruited for a mid-managerial position with a large property management firm in the Southwest. Given that I'm an outsider, I'm concerned about how to build good rapport with the supervisors reporting to me, some of whom undoubtedly think they should have been offered my job. How do I go about winning their respect and allegiance? "

  Asking for an Overdue Performance Review

When I started here 16 months ago, I was told that I would have a performance review and a raise after one year. To date, my boss hasnít approached me about either. Frankly, Iím beginning to resent the delay, as I think Iím doing a good job and deserve the overdue increase. What should I do?

  Tips for Building (or Severing) a Mentoring Relationship

Iíve been a mentee for about three months. Both my mentor and I were excited about our new roles and ready to roll when we began. Now Iím not sure itís going to work out. It took a long time and lots of work for me to find my ďYodaĒ, and I donít want to give up on our agreement yet.  Where do I go from here?

  Pig in a Python Syndrome

While nothing is wrong with my current job, there's absolutely no room for advancement.  I'm considering a change that would allow me to move higher on the corporate ladder, but I don't know where to start looking.  How can I achieve my goal?

  Re-ignite Your Career Without Leaving Your Company

I feel stuck, burned out and in the dark about the big picture. I want to stretch a little, try something new, increase my marketability--without giving up my golden handcuffs.  But I’m afraid my company will never change its perceptions of who I am or what I can do? Is the current tough job market my only path for growth?

  Excellent Work + Communication = Success

I just finished managing a project that has occupied most my days for the last eighteen months. It was on time and within budget. I expected a lot of kudos and probably a raise or even a promotion. None were forthcoming. What did I do wrong?

  Chairing an Effective Meeting

For the last three years, I have attended a weekly staff meeting that, for the most part, has been unproductive and frustrating. Now I've been promoted and will take responsibility for the content and structure of these dreaded get-togethers. Do you have any suggestions about how I can shape this time with my employees into a positive experience for all of us?

  Successful, Yet Unhappy and Bored

I rose from the ranks, overcoming every obstacle to attain my success. Yet my success is empty. I make a wonderful salary, am respected by my peers, and enjoy a fine reputation in my industry. My next step would be to try to become president of the company or a major officer. This is something I definitely don't want to do. I am 35 years old and absolutely bored. Close friends and family members laugh, and they say they wish they had my problems. What mountains are left for me?

  When Stepping Down is Stepping Up

People worry about stepping down in their careers. Unfortunately, their negative mindset can blind them to a unexpected upside potential. If they review their career options with fresh eyes, they may find one of the paths below is the way to go

  Why Bigger Isn't Always Better

Iíve heard that small companies always lead our country out of recessions, yet the media tells us little about this work force ďbest kept secretĒ. What is the case for giving up the big-business power and perks to move to a smaller organization?

  Why Bigger Isnít Always Better, Part II

I am seriously thinking about starting my own business, but Iíve always worked for large companies. I liked what I read in your last column about going from large to small, but I can use some more convincing.  Do you have any other good reasons for starting or working for a small firm?

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