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Articles About Career Decisions


What do I Say When I Don't Know What Career to Pursue?

"For the last six years, I've been the senior staff person on a very busy help desk. In November a multi-national corporation bought my company. When the inevitable downsizing occurred, I took the generous severance package and said goodbye. Now my friends are asking me what I plan to do next. Right now I don't want to think beyond taking a vacation and tackling some projects around the house. What can I tell them?"


How do I Choose a College Major?

"I don't know how to decide what I want to do. What is the most important thing to consider in choosing the right career? What's the process for figuring out where to go from here with my life?"


Deciding Between Two Jobs

You've been offered two excellent positions, both of which have their pros and cons. You've gone over and over the issues, and you can't decide which one to take. You must make your decision within the next three days. What do you do?


Do I Stay with My Friends or Take a More Satisfying Job?

"My colleagues are like family and the thought of leaving them is very painful. Recently I've been approached for a position in another company doing work that sounds much more satisfying. Should I stay with the folks I love or seriously consider the more fulfilling position?"


From Entrepreneur to Employee

"After almost eight years of working for myself, I am re-entering the job market. The reasons are basic: I wish to interact with others and get a regular paycheck. I have put together a terrific resume and am applying for a whole variety of positions, but all I've gotten is rejection. Worse yet, I began this process  six months ago and am still not even close to having a job. Are there things I'm missing?"


Pregnant and Preparing to Work at Home

"I recently discovered I am pregnant. Right now I am in management, but when I have the baby, I want to be able to work from home. Please give me some suggestions on where to look for jobs that are home-based.  Computer literacy and communication skills are my strengths. Any ideas?"


Evaluating Your Options After A Corporate Takeover

"I'm a victim of a hostile corporate takeover. Until last week I was the regional sales manager for a Fortune 500 company where I have worked sine 1976. On Monday the new management installed its own man and offered me either a job in sales or a severance package. I'm not sure what to do."

Moving from a Big Company to an Entrepreneurial One

"I'm in the communications department of a large corporation. I would like to move to an entrepreneurial internet company and work on its website. How do I do this?"

Do I Settle for Less After a Month of Looking?

"I'm looking for a job after graduating college. I've applied for countless jobs over the past month and had only one interview. The interview seemed promising, but I have not heard back in almost a week. Is it improper to call the employer to ask about the progress of things? Also, how long does an average job search take? I'm wondering if I should lower my expectations."

When You Get the Wrong Offer First

"Today I got a call offering me a job that sounds interesting, but it's not as intriguing as another still in the early interview stage. I would rather have the second position, but I hesitate to reject the first without the other offer in hand. I want to be fair and honest with everyone involved. What should I do?"

How Do I Keep My Job When My Company's Been Acquired?

"My company just got acquired. One by one my long-term colleagues are being terminated and replaced by people from the acquiring firm. I would like to stay in my position, but I may be forced to leave. What should I do?"

How Do I Choose My Next Career?

"I've decided it's time to leave my current job and look for a new one, but I'm not sure if I want to stay in the same career or make a change. Before I head for the job market, how can I figure out what I want?"


Answers to Career Questions 1

  1. "I make a wonderful salary, am respected by my peers and enjoy a fine reputation in my industry. However, I'm 35 years old and absolutely bored. What mountains are left for me?"

  2. "I had my third in a series of interviews for a job that is just what I've been looking for. Unfortunately, the interviewer hasn't contacted me about his choice yet. Should I continue waiting, call to see if he's hired anyone, send an email expressing my enthusiasm, or what?"

  3. "I've been a consultant in my own business for about four years, and while I'm making a decent income, I've reached a plateau. Recently, a new opportunity has arisen that, in the short term, will cost me a lot of time and money, but has tremendous long term potential. I'm torn between playing it safe and risking what I already have to build something more." Any suggestions?"


Answers to Career Questions 2

  1. "I have sent resumes to several hospitals, health maintenance organizations and pharmaceutical firms. All of the replies are much the same. "Your credentials and background are impressive, but we do not have anything compatible with your interests." What should my career strategy be at this point?"

  2. "I think I handle time management pretty well except for one big problemĖmy boss. He constantly interrupts me with the most trivial requests. What can I do to keep his visits to a minimum?"

  3. "I'm a 35-year-old, single, professional woman who has risen through the ranks into mid-level management. All of my peers are men. When I look at their lives, for the most part, I don't like what I see. Most of them are workaholics who have little time or commitment for anything but their professional success. What can I do to avoid becoming a successful but miserable executive?"


A Move within Your Company

Iíve been with this bank for almost five years and Iím getting restless. While Iíve advanced rapidly in the loan department, itís time for me to learn more about other areas of banking. Last week I heard about a new position in the commercial trust division that sounded really interesting. How do I apply for that job when I have no experience in trust and my manager is notorious for ďhanging onĒ to his good people?


Finding a Mentor

The last five years, Iíve managed to move up in my career based entirely upon my inherent skills and ability to learn quickly. Now Iím at a point where having a mentor has become more important. How can I find my ďyoda”, who will be amenable to giving me feedback on my performance and teaching me the ropes?


Finding the Right Mentor

 Iíve learned that having a mentor can be very valuable to my career. Yet I have yet to hear any practical advice in how to find and collaborate with one. Do you have some tips on how to identify and develop a relationship with someone who knows the ropes and wants to share their wisdom?


From Professor to Consultant

I hope to combine 10 years of college teaching experience in the areas of interpersonal skills and communications with my interest in training to move into the field of image consulting.  I am comfortable with my credentials and previous experience but lack direction and information on the best way to market my consulting services nationally. I would appreciate any suggestions and guidance you can offer.


How Do I Keep my Job when my Company's Been Acquired?

My company just got acquired. One by one my long-term colleagues are being terminated and replaced by people from the acquiring firm. I would like to stay in my position, but I may be forced to leave. What should I do?


How to Navigate Around the Diploma Roadblock

A lack of a degree hardly means a lack of ability, and when individuals without degrees have proven themselves, it's unfortunate they can't claim a Bachelor's of Experience degree without being accused of deception. Until a few years ago, a candidate without a degree at least had a slim chance to get past the degree hurdle by impressing interviewers with their accomplishments. But as more companies use software to screen resumes, the computer takes over and rarely considers prior accomplishments.


Trends with Career Potential

The job market continues to be tight in my profession and location, yet some people are finding new positions. This recession canít last forever. What are trends you see, which have growing employment potential both now and in the future

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